Abandoned Ponale Restaurant, on Lake Garda

Overhanging Lake Garda under the Ponale road is the Hotel Ponale Restaurant – Casa della Trota, a structure that has been abandoned for decades. A pity for a business that must have enjoyed great times in the past.

The setting, among the mountain’s rocks, is one of a kind, as the photos show.It was difficult, but definitely suggestive, to get there through one of the tunnels on the western Gardesana state road.
Despite its attractiveness, the structure was included on a list of eco-monsters that needed to be destroyed.Because it is in a state of abandonment, where it may be an emonster but cannot be killed.

Photo by Patrick Federi on Unsplash

Despite its conservation status, the structure is deeply rooted in its surroundings. Nature and human labor are in a silent marriage of harmony.
The fact that it is so left to itself is the real shame. It should be protected and reorganized in a way that is good for the environment while keeping its historical and architectural aspects intact. It still seems to be able to see the moments that were lived within those walls when it looks at the specifics.
The plunges to the lake, the porches, the rooms with a marvelous view, the lounge area and numerous different subtleties.

Photo by Patrick Federi on Unsplash

According to the some sources, there is a redevelopment project that is delayed for unknown reasons.
For the time being, this structure remains a piece of Lake Garda’s history to be marveled at. Who knows what the future holds for it?
It would be nice if it became a public space, similar to a Lake Garda tourism museum.
We’ll see what comes next.