With It’s Own Castle, Scottish Island Yours For $112,000

Those seeking some personal space after a hellish year might want to check out this uninhabited Scottish island. It’s up for sale. And the low auction estimate? $112, 000!

Deer Island, covering approx 11 acres, is situated in picturesque Loch Moidart on the West Coast. Also known as Eilean an Fheidh, it’s relatively near to Fort William and Ben Nevis.

Future Property Auctions describe the sale as a “Unique opportunity to purchase a space that can be enjoyed with zero chance of intrusion.” The island is listed as having zero bedrooms.

Country Living expand the reader’s horizons, writing the place has “pretty spectacular countryside views, plenty of local wildlife, natural swimming spots and heaps of potential to be transformed into a family home.”

That wildlife is made up of red squirrels and seals, according to CNN. Though if people wait long enough they’ll spot a dolphin.

Neighboring island Eilean Shona is owned by Vanessa Branson, sister to Richard. CNN spoke to property manager Stephen McCluskey, who said the bigger land mass was a destination for assorted celebrities. Though watching them through binoculars isn’t advised.

What kind of person would be bidding for/buying this desirable, if remote, location? Should someone wish to simply purchase the land they could do a lot worse investment-wise. Metro points out Deer Island is on the market for the same price as a London garage.

For generations it was the property of the Clanranald of Moidart. Country Living states this isn’t the case today. But the epic dynasty stretches back to the 14th century, and is sure to be a talking point among punters.

Moidart.com writes that like other clans they “supported feudal justice” whilst chiefs “indulged in lawlessness, treachery, tyranny, insurrection, barbarity, hostility, pillage and plunder, as well as sacrilege and murder.” All very Game of Thrones!

The successors to Deer Island probably have more modest pursuits in mind, albeit fueled by a massive bank balance.

CNN refers to comments made by McCluskey concerning interested parties, including “someone who wants somewhere to park their yacht” and “another person who wants to use it as a base for kayaking”.

Whoever the lucky bidder is will have to start from scratch. The island lacks any housing, or basics such as electricity.